How To Get Trade Show Sponsorships

Trade shows are major events that not only attract buyers and sellers from around the country, but also those from around the world.  Since the profit margins are potentially very high, sponsorships are often easy to find.  If you’re a seller, don’t worry, there are many ways to get sponsors.  You can find a couple of tips below.  Sponsorship comes in many different forms.


Once way to get sponsorship is to get free or discounted transportation .  Since you will most likely be taking many of your products and displays with you, you could potentially spend a lot of money transferring everything to the trade show.  Not so if you have a sponsor.  The easiest way to get transport sponsorship is to talk directly with the transport company.  When transferring items in bulk, companies will often give you large discounts. 

Print shops, especially small ones, will give sponsorships to loyal customers.  If you’re going to a trade show, you will have to get many things printed, such as flyers, displays, business cards and more.  If you always frequent the same print shop, start asking for sponsorship.  Free business cards or flyers often given out for free by sponsors. 

If you have to travel and stay overnight, you’ll need to find a hotel.  If you travel often, you’ll find that staying at the same hotel branch will allow you to get free upgrades or even nights for free.  Similar to frequent flyer miles, hotels go out of their way to keep their loyal customers happy.

If this sounds like something that interests you, consider contacting one of our sponsorship consultants to find out more information.

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