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"This is me and my sponsor Jim Marsh at the starting line. Jim manages three local Star Bucks and owns a bike shop. Your information has been a great help in getting cycling sponsors. Jim and his bike shop have continued their sponsoring agreement with me into the next year. Thanks!"

"This is the photo my local newspaper featured me with after winning a bass fishing competition. The funds I received with your sponsorship CD helped me win. My fishing sponsor got his business mentioned in the paper and he was very happy. I can't thank you enough"

"Your golfing sponsorship information has helped my high school golf team get thousands of dollars in free golfing equipment. Took me only 2 weeks."

"This photo is of me and four hotties my sponsor took after a big promotional shoot one night at his club. Your info helped me land a big sponsor. It's not easy being an amateur snowboarder and getting backed. Great info and I would recommend it to anyone seeking sponsorships."

"Thanks for shipping so quickly. I have been on the phone with sponsors for the past week. I have gotten my volleyball team over $1500 dollars in new equipment and cash sponsorships."

"I was excited to find out that there are sponsorships for education with your "How To Get Educational Sponsorships" eBook. The information is very helpful in finding sponsors to help with your education. I am now on track to graduate with a masters from my home university in Urkraine in computer science. Thanks!

"I'm a disabled model and I've found it very difficult to get modeling sponsors to help me with my modeling career. After purchasing your sponsorship kit on modeling I learned how to put together a professional sponsorship letter and market myself to more companies in the fashion industry. I was able to raise over $6,000 in cash and received more make-up and clothing than what to do with. Your sponsorship kit was very thorough and a great help."

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