Sponsorship Proposal Articles

Sponsorship Proposal Articles

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Acting sponsorships - learn how actors from Hollywood to Beijing are getting sponsorships to appear in plays, movies, and television shows.

Archery sponsorships - A tried and true sport, this started out hundreds of years ago and is still popular today.  Like those who enjoy shooting rifles those who use bows and arrows need precision and lots of practice.  They also need a surprising amount of strength.  While they make it look easily enough, drawing a bow is hard work.  Since archery is a small niche in the sports world, you should look into finding a couple of sponsors to help you out.  Sponsors can help get you publicity as well as free archery gear.

Artwork sponsorships - Artists see the world differently than most people and because of this they are able to create wonderful works of art. There are many different forms of art out there, such as drawings, paintings, sculptures, metalwork, or installations.

Badminton sponsorship - Badminton is a great game since it is often played by amateurs and professionals alike.  It’s fun volley back and forth whether in partners or singles, similar to tennis.  While some people stop there and are happy to play just for fun, others want to play badminton as a professional sport.

Baseball sponsorships - America’s favorite pastime is loved by many, but played by few.  While some think that basketball is taking over, baseball will always be the classical American pastime.  Most people can remember going to a baseball game sometime in their lives.  Other still remember spending the summer playing little league.

Basketball sponsorships - learn how our customers are getting basketball sponsorships with our custom made basketball sponsorship proposal.

Ballet sponsorships - Ballet dancers are amazing to watch.  They’re light on their feet, can do leaps and jumps, and can make stories come alive through dance.  Although ballet dancers make everything look so easy, but put in tons of hours of practice in order to make that happen.

Beauty pageant sponsorships - Beauty pageant participants have beauty, poise, and grace.  Not only that, but they have to be able to answer questions about current issues in our society and also be talented, often in dance or music.  And while they often make all of this effortless, lots of effort and many hours of practice go into making a beauty pageant winner.

Billiands sponsorships - Billiards is a game of skill that requires concentrate.  Long hours are spent practising in the pool halls or pubs in order to become adept at billiards.  Many people just play for fun on the weekends, but if you’ve got what it takes and want to take the game further, then you will have to practise more than that.

Body building sponsorships - While some artists sculpt art, others sculpt their own bodies.  Body builders make art come alive.  Sticking to a strict diet, exercise and being noticed by the right people will allow you to find the sponsors you need in order get sponsorship for body building.

Boxing sponsorships - There are a couple of people who have put boxing on the map as far as professional sports go and if you think that you’d also like to be a boxing champ , then you’re going to have to put in many hours inside and outside of the gym.  Inside the gym, you can practice, listen to your coach, and what others box.

Bowling sponsorships - Bowling, like running, is a sport for children as well as adults.  Even teenagers enjoy going to the bowling alley with friends or going starlight bowling .  The great thing about bowling is that you can play and have conversations with friends.  It’s not that strenuous either, so people of all ages can enjoy it.

Comedy sponsorships - There’s nothing quite like being able to make a whole roomful of people laugh.  Comedians just might have one of the best jobs out there.  Comedy is a part of our daily life and many people enjoy watching sitcoms as laughter is a great way to forget about all the stress we have and just have a laugh about life.

Computer game sponsorships - Computer games are so popular at the moment, they sell like hot cakes. They’ve come a long way from the computer games years ago.  Nowadays, you can exercises, play sports, and even participant in track and field events.

Cycling sponsorships - Whether racing or cross country road trips are more your style, there are plenty of ways to get sponsors to allow you to afford being a cyclist.  You’ll find that there are many cycle enthusiasts out there.  Cycling is a great way to get out of the city and get away from it all.

Cheerleading sponsorships - learn how the media, colleges, coaches, and cheerleading competitions can all be excellent sources of sponsorships for your cheerleading team.

Disc jockey sponsorships - If you like being up on the stage, making dance mixes, being in the clubs and getting paid for it, then being a disc jockey is a perfect job for you.  While there are a handful of famous DJs out there, there are many others who

Educational sponsorships - With the market getting tougher and tougher these days, it’s no wonder that people are heading back to school.  Whether you are looking to further your career or change careers completely, there are ways to make university more affordable. would like to be famous.

Equestrian sponsorships - breeders, trainers, and owners are excellent sources for equestrian sponsorships.  Learn why investors might not be the best place to find sponsorships for your horse.

Fashion design sponsorships - Take a look at TV and you’ll see just how competitive fashion design can be, though when you see the prices of couture designs, you’ll see why many people want to get involved in the fashion design business.  Try to go at it by yourself can be extremely daunting, so it helps if you can get a couple of sponsors to help you out.

Fashion show sponsorships - Couture clothes, beautiful models, and gifted fashion designers can all be found at one place, and that’s a fashion show.  Due to the wide publicity of fashion shows you should be able to get sponsors to give you just about anything you need to be able to organize fashion shows. 

Figure skating sponsorships - It’s amazing to watch slim figure skaters when they perform.  Similar to gymnasts, they are able to leap and spin in the air.  While they make it look easy, it requires a lot of strength and practice to do what they do.  In addition, it’s not without its risks.  They fly through the air with no helmet or pads.

Fishing sponsorships - Fishing is a fun, relaxing sport to do with your friends.  It’s great to be able to spend the day with friends away from it all while fishing.  Fishing is something that many people enjoy doing and fishing shows show this.

Football sponsorships - Football, baseball, and basketball are America’s most popular sports, so as a football player you have a lot to offer potential sponsors.  Long hours of dedication spent on and off the field are necessary if you want to become a professional.

Golf sponsorships - Golf isn’t the sport it used to be years ago.  It’s changed and now younger people are getting into the game.  Thought to be a rich man’s sport, like badminton, and rightly so, since club membership can be costly.  Not to mention the golf clubs that you need to purchase.  Luckily, if you have skill and persistence, you can find sponsors willing to help bring the costs down. 

Go Kart sponsorships - If being a fast and furious driver are the perfect words to describe you, then you might consider looking for a go kart sponsor. If you’re seriously considering this sport, then you’re going to have to do a bit of sponsorship research before you start.

Gymnastics sponsorships - If you’ve got talent and have set your sights high, then you should be able to get sponsorship to help you reach your goals. Gymnastics awe many people as they flip and leap through the air. And while gymnasts don’t need much as far as uniforms go, gym fees can be expensive and coaches often charge a lot of money in order to help you.

Hang gliding sponsorships - Hang gliders have the chance to really fly.  Unlike being in a plane, hang gliding allows you to get a bird’s eye view of the world.  If you’re interested in hang gliding, you’ll know that the necessary equipment doesn’t come cheap.

Hockey sponsorships - Whatever type of hockey you’re interested, field, inline or ice, you’ll know that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a professional hockey star.  Ice hockey players are like skiers in the fact that they like the cold weather.  Inline and field hockey players like being outside in the sun.

Hot air balloon sponsorships Children and adults alike enjoy going up in hot air balloons.  The chance to soar high above the ground and see everything differently isn’t something that you get to do every day.  If you have a hot air balloon and want to make a serious career out of hot air ballooning, then you should look for sponsorships.

Martial arts sponsorships - Martial arts are an up and coming sport.  People are in awe of those that seem to defy gravity and are able to spin and kick while airborne.  There are many different types of martial arts out there, from karate, to judo, to taekwondo, and just as many sponsors to help make your dream a reality.

Music sponsorships - learn how record companies, local businesses, investors, and fans can help pay for your expenses, equipment, tour schedule, and even pay you to perform.  Learn all the secrets to band sponsorships, music sponsorships, and concert sponsorships.

Modeling sponsorships - Many people end up paying an arm and a leg for modeling photos and classes, but few end up getting modeling contracts. In order to help you get a modeling gig, you’re going to have to do a bit of research first.

Night club sponsorships - Night clubs have a long history of being places to meet up with friends, have a couple of drinks and dance.  Some night clubs are so exclusive that you have to know someone to get in.  And even if you do, you might have to wait in line for a long time.

Paintball sponsorships - What could be better than chasing people around and shooting paint at people?  Paintball is a good way to release stress and get exercise at the same time.  Paintballing can get your adrenaline pumping as well.

Poker sponsorships - Poker’s a great game.  It’s fun to watch and it’s fun to play.  Just look at Las Vegas to see how many people enjoy it.  While there’s not much physical skill involved, it’s all about mental skill.  Being able to know when to stay in or when to fold, or reading the other players, there’s no doubt that poker is a highly skilled game.

Rifle sponsorships - Hunting is a dignified sport that brings the royals to mind.  Whether you ride a horse or go on foot, you’ll need skill and the ability to walk lightly.  There’s no doubt about it, hunting is a sport that’s here to stay.  Due to the fact that people either love hunting or hate it, you’ll find that the people who love it are very willing to give you sponsorship.

Rodeo sponsorships - With fierce bucking broncos, funny clowns, honest-to-goodness cowboys, and delicious food, rodeos can draw crowds. The advantage of being in a rodeo is that you’re with people and animals which means that you have twice as many chances of getting a sponsor.

Running sponsorships - Whether you’re a sprinter or long distance runner, you still have a love of running in common.  Running is a simple sport, you’re doing something that the majority of people can do and that’s run.  What sets you apart is the speed that you run at.

Sailing sponsorships - What better way to spend a day then on a sail boat with the wind, sun, and a couple of your best friends.  While it may look very easy, any experienced sailor will tell you that it takes a lot of hard work to become a professional sailor.

Scuba sponsorships - Scuba diving is a sport that many people try at least once when they’re on vacation.  During the summer, it should be easier to find sponsorships than in the winter.  But in the summer, you should be able to find enough sponsors and money to last you throughout the winter.

Skateboarding sponsorships - Skateboarders often have a reputation for doing things differently as they should.  Not everyone can flip and turn through the air.  Skateboard parks attract many different types of people, from young kids, to teenagers, and even adults.  Skating has something about it that many people like.  It’s probably the adrenaline rush you get while skating.

Skiing sponsorships - Cross country or downhill, it’s your choice.  Both are great winter sports.  Maybe you enjoy water skiing as well.  Whatever you choose, you’re going to need skiing equipment to get started.  If you’re into downhill skiing, you will probably need a ski pass or a ski resort pass.  For cross country skiing, you can go just about anywhere, provided that there’s snow.

Soccer sponsorships - David Beckham, Ronaldihno, and Maradona have helped to make soccer a world famous sport. The World Cup is broadcasted in many countries around the world and companies pay millions for a short ad during these types of events.

Surfing sponsorships - Hang five, hang ten, surf’s up!  Surfing’s one of those sports that you have to be one with the elements, similar to scuba diving .  There’s nothing like the adrenaline rush you get by riding the waves and hearing them crash right behind you.  Surfers are lucky in the fact that they don’t need much equipment, a swimsuit, surf board, and good waves are all that’s really necessary.

Swimming sponsorships - Water sports, like swimming and surfing are loved by many people.  Some people swim casually as a hobby while others are more hard core.  If you’re one of the latter, then you should be looking at ways to get a sponsor.  Finding a sponsor isn’t as difficult as you think.

Track and field sponsorships - Track and field stars start to amaze us in school as we see them leap over the high jump, sped around the track, or throw a discus into the distance. Since track and field is really a compilation of many sports and because of this there are many opportunities to find sponsors.

Trade show sponsorships - Trade shows are major events that not only attract buyers and sellers from around the country, but also those from around the world.  Since the profit margins are potentially very high, sponsorships are often easy to find.

Tennis sponsorships - It’s no secret that tennis is a lucrative sport, just look at Wimbledon.  This competition attracts tennis players from across the world.  Similar to golf, it’s a very prestigious sport.  They travel near and far to compete for first place.  Lodging, food, transport, and tennis lessons can add up fast.  If you have heaps of money that you don’t have to worry about it, then that’s great.

Table tennis sponsorships - While not the same as tennis, table tennis is a fast game that keeps everyone on their toes.  If you’ve ever seen table tennis competitions, you’ll have seen some amazing shots.  Maybe you can even do some of them as well.  As a table tennis player , you’re sure to have some tricks up your sleeve.  If you’re interested in becoming a professional table tennis player, then you should consider finding a sponsor.

Volleyball sponsorships - Many people start playing volleyball in middle school or high school, and some continue to play throughout their college career.  While volleyball looks very easy, lots of practice and strength is needed to spike and serve.  Some people are naturally talented and volleyball comes easy to them.  Others have to work for it and put in long hours.

Wrestling sponsorships - You’ve probably seen hard core wrestler don sweat suits and hit the stairs right before a wrestling meet in the hopes of losing a couple of pounds.  Quite the opposite of a body builder, but everyone is different.  This certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you’re someone who has done this, then you might be considering a career in wrestling.

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