Sponsorship Secrets Bonus Items

Bonuses are contingent on the type of version you purchase (ebook or Cd-rom).

  • # 1. Valuable contact information for the 20,000 top US companies actively seeking to utilize sponsorships in their marketing mix. You will receive each companies mailing address, telephone number, contact information, so you can submit your proposal via fax or mail. Many Sponsorship Secrets customers have been able to secure sponsorships with these companies. Just submit our pre-packaged sponsorship proposal and you might get picked up by the marketing department of a large US corporation or by an advertising agency.

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  • # 2. Sponsorship Secrets will be there to help you get sponsorships every step of the way offering 26-weeks worth of e-mail consulting. Our sponsorship consultants have been working with sponsorship seekers and companies that can help you get the financing or equipment you need. You will receive 26 emails detailing the entire sponsorship process from start to finish. Our experienced sponsorship consultants can help you with developing a customized sponsorship proposal, provide you with sponsor contact information in your niche, help provide you with sponsorship letters, and schedule sponsorship conference calls. Additionally you can chat with your sponsorship consultant via AIM and schedule conference calls with potential sponsors.

  • # 3. Sponsorship Secrets is contacted every month by large and small corporations seeking to sponsor unique athletes and sponsorship opportunities. We will submit your profile or sponsorship proposal free of charge and put you in contact with potential sponsors. This service is offered through national sponsorship agencies for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. We have matched over 200 athletes and sponsorship seekers with sponsors within the past 4 years. We look forward to helping you get sponsored! Additionally, access to our Sponsorship Secrets member-only-message board. This is a lifetime membership to the sponsorship forum. No hidden monthly costs or additional expenses

  • Members of our social networking profiles receive the following:
    • Weekly updates with new and used sponsorship methods from Sponsorship Secrets.

    • New sponsorship techniques and sponsorship articles posted from other social network members

    • Access to members in nearly every state - many members share and trade sponsorship contacts with one another.

    • Forum with answers to hard questions regarding the sponsorship process

    • Chat with sponsors that are looking to develop creative sponsorship strategies.

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