Bonuses are contingent on the type of version you purchase (ebook or Cd-rom).

Our sponsorship information kit works within the United States and every other country in the world. A majority of the sponsorship contact information is for US companies. However, this has not stopped many of our customers from Canada, Australia, UK, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and other locations from acquiring sponsorships from businesses in their home countries as well as US companies with this information. International shipping, for a limited time is the same price as US domestic shipping for the Cd-Rom version. Please perform a currency conversion calculation before mailing in funds if using our mail-in order form.

You don't need to be a good salesman to get sponsorships. Our sponsorship information package is arranged so you don't have too! Simply plug in your information, print, and submit to our list of companies seeking sponsorship opportunities. Or you can work with one of our sponsorship consultants and they can do all the work for you.

Yes, you can mail in either money order, cashiers check, or cash. Select the type of sponsorship proposal kit you are interested in and enter your email address in the request an order form field. You will receive a confirmation email that you have to accept, then you will be emailed an order form with payment instructions.

Our sponsorship consultants are industry agents that can help you get the financing or equipment you need. Bonus # 2 lasts for 26-weeks from the time you purchase the Cd-Rom. You will receive email support for all your questions, if you need additional sponsor contact information, and a free analysis of your sponsorship proposal before submitting it to potential sponsors.

No. We work with sponsorship seekers from all walks of life. If you are serious about getting sponsorships and put in the time, effort, and you use our sponsorship kit you will find sponsorships for your sport, talent, event, or competition. We give you everything you need - the devotion is up to you.

The wonderful thing about getting sponsored is that you write your own paychecks. There are no limitations on your sponsorships. Some Sponsorship Secret customers acquire $1,000 annually and others acquire over $20,000 every year with our sponsorship plans. Additionally, you can get free equipment from high-end manufacturers to help you

Definitely not. Both the domestic and international sponsorship markets are so huge that there will never be enough businesses to cover the entire market. Our Sponsorship Secret customers are not working against one another, in fact our sponsorship consultants regularly help competitors network to help everyone acquire sponsorships.

To receive an order form please submit your email on the product purchase page, print out the order form, and mail in. You can also pay with credit card via paypal.com. The Cd-Rom will be shipped via USPS and should arrive in approximately five business days. The Cd-Rom is sent in a manilla envelope. If you decide to purchase the eBook shipping and handling is free and you will receive an emailed copy of the sponsorship proposal you chose.

All of the information is the same, however, the bonus materials you will receive are different. If you order the eBook you will only receive Bonus #1. If you order the Cd-Rom version you receive all of the bonuses we have to offer. These bonuses are extremely valuable and can generate you thousands of dollars in cash and free equipment. Don't miss out on our bonus opportunities.

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