How To Get Cheerleading Sponsorships

No longer satisfied with staying on the sidelines, cheerleaders have gone out front and center. Cheerleading competitions are highly competitive and for a good reason. Prizes, gifts, and recognition are just what you need to jump jumpstart your career. As a cheerleader, you’ve got a couple things going for you. First, cheerleading is often associated with schools and education, so you’ll probably be able to pick up some sponsors that way. Second, cheerleading is just starting to take off, so you’ll find that many sponsors will be eager to get in on a sport sponsorship at the ground level. Here are three tips to help you when you’re seeking sponsors.


1. Go back to school. Schools, universities, and community colleges would be the most logical place to look for cheerleading sponsorships . As mentioned above, cheerleaders are often associated with schools, so you should be able to find some education sponsors there. Your best bet would be to go to the athletic department and take to the athletic director or even some of the football or basketball coaches. You have the best chance at getting noticed will be if you go before the season starts. Dress professionally and have your resume to back you up. In exchange for their sponsorship, you could offer to organise a couple of their cheers or even cheer at a couple of their games.

2. Talk to the media. Local news channels are always looking for something worthwhile to talk about, so make yourself newsworthy. Have you won State ? Choreographed a winning cheer? Won a scholarship? Well, now’s a good time to brag about all your accomplishments. Prepare a short portfolio with all your accomplishment complete with photos and videos and ask for your couple minutes of fame. If you’re interviewed, it’ll be a chance for you to make your education sponsors happy as well. Be sure to drop their names in the interview and you’ll find that they’ll be happy to sponsor you in the future as well.

3. Ex-coaches. Now that you’ve decided to pursue cheerleading sponsors, you’re guaranteed to make some of your ex-coaches happy. After all, it’s rare that people stick with a sport they do when they’re young. Try to find the emails or phone numbers of your ex-coaches, let them know what you’re doing, and they’ll be likely to want to help you out. Chances are they’ll be able to pull a few strings and get you some cheerleading equipment or even introduce you to the right people.

If you’ve decided to pursue cheerleading sponsorships, talk to one of our sponsorship consultants to find out more.

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