How To Get Rodeo Sponsorships

With fierce bucking broncos, funny clowns, honest-to-goodness cowboys, and delicious food, rodeos can draw crowds. The advantage of being in a rodeo is that you’re with people and animals which means that you have twice as many chances of getting a sponsor. If you play your cards right and do a bit of sponsorship marketing, you should be able to be successful. One of the most important things to remember is that sponsorship sales are very important in your sponsors’ eyes. So if you keep your eye on the prize, both you and your sponsor will benefit. With a bit of planning and a lot of hardwork, you can make a career out of being sponsored. Here are a couple tips to help you get started.

rodeo sponsorships

1. Children sponsorship programs. Going to the rodeo can be a memorable experience for a child and many people want to show their children what the rodeo is like. This means that the market is big and for the taking. If your rodeo is near schools, consider asking them for sponsorship. In exchange for this, offer to show the students a behind the scenes look at the rodeo or discounts on a rodeo show. Give them a tour of the rodeo and let them pet some of the animals. Not only will your sponsor be happy, but you’ll probably make the kids’ day.

2. Don’t forget the adults. Rodeos aren’t just for kids, adults come as well. This means that companies want to get their products noticed. Food and beverage companies are likely to be willing to sponsor your rodeo. There are a couple of ways they can go about doing it. They could pay you for advertising during the rodeo or they could give you discounts on items that you purchase. They might even be willing to give you free clothing in exchange for ad space.

3. The animals are front and center. Despite the funny clowns and the daring cowboys, there’s no doubt that the animals are very important at a rodeo. Whether fierce or friendly, the crowd is sure to remember them. Due to this fact, you can talk to some companies that specialize in animal food and care. Similar to the food and beverage companies mentioned above, you can sell ad space to the animal companies . Another option is getting animals for free. There are many animal rescue groups out there. If you can provide a good home for one, both you and the animal can benefit.

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