How To Get Hot Air Balloon Sponsorships

Children and adults alike enjoy going up in hot air balloons.  The chance to soar high above the ground and see everything differently isn’t something that you get to do every day.  If you have a hot air balloon and want to make a serious career out of hot air ballooning, then you should look for sponsorships.  Keep in mind that hot air ballooning can only happen in the warmer months.  So if you live somewhere cold you have a couple choices, move somewhere where it’s always warm.  Or travel around during the cold places to cities that are warmer.  There are many other tips below. 

hot air balloon sponsorships

Contact fairs and see if they will be willing to let you rent out a space at the fair ground.  While this doesn’t seem much like sponsorship, it has great potential.  If you go to the same fairground month after month, then you will get the chance to meet the fairground manager and get the opportunity to ask for a free couple of days.  There are other things that you could get as well.  Fairgrounds have to advertise and if you have a good working relationship with the fairground manager, you could ask for larger publicity on the flyers. 

Contact local businesses and ask if they would like a unique way to advertise.  Publicity stunts such as sky writing or dragging a flyer behind a plane or hot air balloon often attract a lot of attention and local businesses are willing to pay that.  Take a sponsorship proposal with you as you to talk to the business and explain what you have in mind. 

Try to go the distance.  Hot air ballooning races, such as going across country or the world attract lots of attention.  And sponsors are eager to get some attention as well.    Start planning where you could go and how long it will take you and then take your idea to the press.  You’ll find that many sponsors will start to contact you.  If you don’t have sponsors contact you, then you should go to them.  Take the press coverage that you got and go talk to them and you’ll see that they will be ready to become your sponsors.

If this sounds like something that interests you, consider contacting one of our sponsorship consultants to find out more information.

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